• Investment Dragons Interview

    Dear readers!

    Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with Investment Dragons:

    Money-Monitor: Hi Investment Dragons Admin, before we go into the details can you please introduce yourself?


    Investment Dragons: My name is Joseph, I am the representative of Investment Dragons, and and is ready to answer all your questions


    Money-Monitor: Have you ever worked in the on-line investment business before?


    Investment Dragons: Our company has just entered this market. But the hired employees have extensive experience in marketing, technical issues, and promote the company.


    Money-Monitor: How many people are involved in your project?

    Investment Dragons: We are a young company, but through our investment website opened deposits for more than 10 thousand people

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  • Zinc7 review

    Hola mis amigos!

    When you start your day, your journey or your web browsing with a security check, you know it’s serious.

    You are no longer jonesing for your morning espresso, a comfy seat by the window or gifs of puppies. What you do expect is gravity and business. So when you suddenly see an eagle (I think it’s an eagle. I do not know much about biology, as Sam Cooke once sang), you know you’ve been right all along – it's solemnity time.

    Zinc7 – an American company named Confidence Built By Essentials LLC with its headquarters in Delaware – is all about being a hands-on, "innovative and practical ‘digital funds’ platform online". It starts with checking your browser ("DDoS protection by Cloudflare"):

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  • Sportarb review

    Hola mis amigos!

    While some go fancy, others go simple. While some eat pearls, others prefer good old hamburgers. As soon as I reveal the name of today’s protagonist, you’ll know which side they have chosen. Because sometimes you don’t need the air of mystery to run a website.

    SportArb is exactly what it seems. As you all probably have figured out, it’s a program dedicated to sport arbitrage, namely "practice that has existed since the beginning of bookmaking, it entails betting a relatively large sum of money with a return on the investment that can be achieved regardless of the outcome of the event where one is betting." Simple?

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  • Palmills review

    Hola mis amigos!

    If you are not into fantasy or fantastic creatures, we have something completely different for you. Do you eat kale or spinach? Do you like greenery? Are you into healthy food? If you’ve answered "Yes" at least once, you’ll enjoy meeting our today’s protagonist.

    Palmills is not the new kid in town. This company has been around for some time and throughout the period of last three months we haven’t heard any complaints regarding the payments, which - as you must realize - is not the norm. Maybe it’s because they are healthy? Maybe it’s because green is the color of hope? And now you must be wondering what I’m talking about. It’s all about Bio Palm Oil Plantations Ltd, a UK-registered limited company (no. 10427145, entered on October 13, 2016) with its seat in London (325, Bowes Road Arnos Grove, London, N11 1BA, UK). Are you with me now?

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Last programs

  • Cleverli

    February 23, 2017


    Status: WAITING

    payouts: 115.00% after 3 days; 140.00% after 7 days; 220.00% after 14 days; 550.00% after 25 days

  • PassiveLoan

    February 21, 2017


    Status: WAITING

    payouts: 5.20% daily; 107.00% after 5 days

  • Sumwex

    February 21, 2017


    Status: PAYING

    payouts: 8.00% daily; 12.00% daily; 110.00% after 5 days

  • Chattie

    February 20, 2017


    Status: PAYING

    payouts: 15.00% after 2 days


Program name Payment sent Amount Return of investment (%) Payment system
Chattie 13 hours ago $ 8.00 8 %
Tea House 14 hours ago $ 7.00 14 %
Investment Dragons 19 hours ago $ 7.28 1.45 %
Palmills 20 hours ago $ 3.50 3.5 %
Decentralized Inv. 20 hours ago $ 1.50 3 %
Zinc7 21 hours ago $ 3.50 7 %
Sumwex 2 days ago $ 8.00 8 %
Neuroever 2 days ago $ 2.84 5.68 %
tradeBTC 2 days ago $ 2.72 2.72 %
Decentralized Inv. 2 days ago $ 1.50 3 %
Program name Date Update content
Recyclix 19 February 2017

Last week our team members gathered in Berlin for an executive meeting in order to discuss implementation of new features and adjustments in the internal workflows that will help make Recyclix website even more user-friendly, intuitive, and safer for all participants of the system. When it comes to ... Read more »

Xabo 17 February 2017

Dear users, please be awaited. We've been waiting for so long for that... Finally, we updating out Bitcoin merchant to a new one, better one, faster one and oh god, it will be as INSTANT as Usain Bolt under anabolics... Please wait for some little time so we can finish that important part. Thanks fo... Read more »

Tea House 17 February 2017

Dear investors! We inform you that we have made some updating of rules of funds withdrawal. In particular, it concerns the Bitcoin payment processor. For deposits, which have been made by using the Bitcoin payment processor, all requests for withdrawal are performed if sum amount wich has been reque... Read more »

Program name ROI
Paidverts 986.38 %
Recyclix 787.88 %
MyTrafficValue 506.63 %
Merchant Shares 490.78 %
Mexeer 300.58 %
Zinc7 49.00 %
Palmills 45.50 %
SportArb 22.14 %
Investment Dragons 20.34 %
Tea House 19.50 %
Program name Reason
Empire Advertisement scam
Royal Coin scam
Earn Tech scam
Nano Income scam
YaHours scam
BetTradingClub scam
Revcoin scam
IBanker scam
Poker Automatics scam
LetItb scam
Program name Date Sent by Status
Atlant Investments 11 months ago umakantatiadi pending
AtrexTrade 2 years ago olisasegun pending
Poker Automatics 2 years ago scottfree pending
AtrexTrade 2 years ago cdaley2011 pending
AdClickXpress 4 years ago NadineS closed
GulfInvClub 4 years ago archurst pending
InstaBank 4 years ago TJAlex pending
Secure-Inv 4 years ago Jmservicesllc98 pending
BIOFunds 4 years ago Jmservicesllc98 pending
Malaysian INC 4 years ago TJAlex unsolved

Current Top Programs

  • Paidverts

    1. Paidverts

    • Monitored: 3 years
    • ROI: 986.38%
    • Last payment: 5 weeks
    currency currency currency currency currency currency
  • Recyclix

    2. Recyclix

    • Monitored: 2 years
    • ROI: 787.88%
    • Last payment: 2 weeks
    currency currency currency
  • MyTrafficValue

    3. MyTrafficValue

    • Monitored: 4 years
    • ROI: 506.63%
    • Last payment: 5 weeks
    currency currency currency currency currency

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