• Newsletter: DigAdz, AtrexTrade, PharmaFinance adds, EU5 scam signs

    Hola mis amigos!

    Are your chestnuts roasting on an open fire (no pun intended)? Is Jack Frost, the wicked man, nipping at your nose? Have your country let it snow?

    All in all, is the Christmas spirit upon you, amigos? Or are you ready for some money-related issues? Actually, it doesn't matter which answer you ticked as correct, you will be given some materialistic information anyway. After all, Christmas is all about getting recently, right?



    We have three new protagonists today, amigos. Yes, it's the abundance of riches. I've told you, Christmas time is near!

    First of all, there is DigAdz, one of the most annoying and, yet, memorable names in the recent history of domain names (is there such a history? If not, there should be one). While the name evokes such life-altering images as the registration plate "2QL4SQL" in a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie, the website is actually as cool as you think it would be. You get the "How it Works" site with some cool graphics and slogans, but also the rather informative "Faqs" thanks to which I can now tell you that DigAdz is a revenue sharing program that deals with ads (duh, I know) and all the "marketing solution services" attached to them. DigAdz has a point system called DigPoints and "every 1 Point will deliver $0.001 worth of Value ad to your account".

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  • AtrexTrade review

    Throughout the years I've been with you, amigos, I truly learned a lot about myself. Writing reviews for you has been a real eye-opener, one might say, because now I know things about Forex and about my very humble person that I did not know before.

    The first one being that I do love a good tutorial. I know, it's not something most people get to find out about themselves, but I had this chance and now I can share this secret with you. Whenever I see a page starting with "How to…", I feel better. As if life makes sense again or something equally deep. It may seem superficial to an untrained eye, but when you think about it "How to" pages are your guides into the inner-workings of the web creator’s/program creator's mind. My affection towards them proves that: a. I was a private detective in my previous life, and b. I love screen shots. Thankfully, our today's protagonist, AtrexTrade has provided me with some insight into their Seychelles-based minds.

    AtrexTrade is a company that started out in 2008, but came out publicly in 2012. Working on the Forex market in both short-term and long-term capacity, according to the website AtrexTrade uses "micro-hedging technology and unique trading algorithms". The website was registered this year and has a long expiration date, that is 2024. I can't tell you much more about the company (you can ask for the registration documents once you are a verified member, according to FAQ) besides what's written on atrextrade.com, but I do know that the page is secured with Rapid SSL certificate issued on July 8, 2014 and valid until July 11, 2015.

    As far as another one of my favorites, namely design, is concerned: AtrexTrade is a simple website, readable and easy to peruse. It will not blow your mind with hot graphics or mind-boggling slogans; it simply does the job. Naturally, there's my beloved "How to Start" section which is a straight-forward guide into the world of AtrexTrade and its payment options providers: EgoPay, Perfect Money and Bitcoin. At the moment, these are the payment services available here, but "If requested, we may enlarge the number of the services available". There is also the option of funding your wallet via a bank wire transfer or a debit card to receive your profits.

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  • Newsletter: ClubForex, Dragam, Bidex adds, EastOil, EU5 updates

    Hola mis amigos!

    What a wonderful Movember we've been having! Yes, I did say Movember, I'm officially on the bandwagon. I mean, I do love Ron Swanson, so mustaches are in the package deal.

    Anyway, this wondrous month also means adding some new programs and appreciating the status quo. That's right, again, you do not need to stress out about anything major this week. Just some nip and tuck news, amigos. Let's get down to it.



    Our first protagonist is a private investment company called Club Forex Ltd., which is currently No. 14 on our list of programs with its fresh paying status. The information on its efficiently prepared website states that "Club Forex Ltd was founded back in 2013 and it is an officially listed company, headquartered in London". Naturally, its main focus is the Forex market, and Club Forex offers one simple option: a single investment plan which may give you up to 2.5% daily, meaning from Monday to Friday. The minimum to invest is $30 or 30EUR. As of now, the daily average – according to the charts on the website – is 1.76% with the average daily loss of 0.81%. The program accepts payments made via EgoPay, Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoin, but the list may be expanded in the future. Setting up an account here means giving Club Forex the minimal personal information, namely your first and last name, your country and your phone number, so it takes up to 2 minutes. As far as the company itself is concerned, not much can be found, but we do know that the company resides in Chiswick Village, London and the website's domain was created on the 18th of September this year, but the expiration date is unknown. The page is, however, secured with Comodo's RSA Extended Validation Secure Server certificate valid until October 9, 2015. To get in touch with Club Forex, you may use the contact form, the e-mail address (support@clubforex.co.uk or info@clubforex.co.uk), or 02081 447675 phone number. You can also follow Club Forex on Twitter (https://twitter.com/clubforexltd) or like their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/clubforexltd).

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  • Newsletter: PokerAutomatics add, EastOil, MTV, EgoPay, NanoIndustry updates

    Hola mis amigos!

    First of all, let me just start by saying that everything's fine. No major dramas. We all hate drama, right?

    Another thing we all normally hate is slow Internet and, yes, the elephant in the room, programs going down. But we should start with something positive, I am not a spoilsport. Speaking of sport, are you one of those who count poker as one?



    Our newest, and only, hot off the press protagonist is a true gambler. I mean, in a sense, we all are, but the program I'm talking about is called Poker Automatics, so you catch my drift. Yes, the name is self-explanatory: what they are doing is making playing poker automatic. The creators of PA, as I will call it, have been working on their program for at least 8 years, as one may learn from the truly deeply comprehensive "About Poker Automatics" section. Written in a catchy and yet informative way, it tells you all you need to know about the odds, the players, the game and PA's approach. Basically, you earn because robots play, which sounds like fun and like a James Cameron movie at the same time, which at times are the same thing.

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Last programs

  • BITC1

    December 17, 2014


    Status: PAYING

    payouts: 2.40% daily; 2.50% daily; 2.70% daily; 250.00% after 30 days; 600.00% after 60 days; 350.00% after 15 days

  • DigAdz

    December 08, 2014


    Status: PAYING

    payouts: variable daily

  • AtrexTrade

    December 04, 2014


    Status: PAYING

    payouts: variable daily (mon-fri)

  • Pharma Finance

    November 29, 2014

    Pharma Finance

    Status: PROBLEM

    payouts: 102.00 - 120.00% after 1 day; 112.00 - 200.00% after 4 days; 180.00 - 1000.00% after 16 days; 484.00 - 4000.00% after 48 days


Program name Payment sent Amount Return of investment (%) Payment system
Poker Automatics 3 days ago $ 0.24 0.24 %
AtrexTrade 3 days ago $ 0.34 0.68 %
AlbionUnion 3 days ago $ 1.20 1.2 %
Poker Automatics 3 days ago $ 0.27 0.27 %
BITC1 3 days ago $ 1.20 2.4 %
AtrexTrade 5 days ago $ 0.49 0.98 %
Ogden Organization 5 days ago $ 0.40 0.8 %
DigAdz 5 days ago $ 5.76 11.52 %
Poker Automatics 5 days ago $ 0.30 0.3 %
AtrexTrade 6 days ago $ 0.45 0.9 %
Program name Date Update content
BITC1 18 December 2014

Our program still working within a more than 165 days online, So, today I would like to introduce some updates: As many of you know, our email based support is really fast, But for some long/complicated/urgent questions, emails just aren't as convenient as talking to someone on the phone or live cha... Read more »

Nano Industry Inv 10 December 2014

Dear members and partners of NANO INDUSTRY INVESTMENTS INC LIMITED! Unknown criminals are sending emails allegedly on behalf of NIIIL calling to send funds directly to unidentified Bitcoin wallets. NIIIL administration alerts you: we NEVER ask to make deposits outside of our official website htt... Read more »

KelkenCapital 08 December 2014

Dear members We have some problem with access to the site. These problems have arisen from planned migrate to new server and update server software On this time problem solved and you receive every day income as usual Kind Regards Read more »

Program name ROI
Paidverts 812.64 %
Nano Industry Inv 727.06 %
UInvest 452.49 %
MyTrafficValue 419.83 %
AlbionUnion 199.40 %
InvestFond 116.82 %
Ogden Organization 35.60 %
DigAdz 29.36 %
Poker Automatics 21.19 %
AtrexTrade 10.32 %
Program name Reason
Dragam CC scam
Best Stock scam
TradingAllianceLimited scam
PerfectAdSolution scam
RemiTrade scam
OIP-group scam
Thrift-Box scam
Bidex scam
Program name Date Sent by Status
AdClickXpress 11 months ago NadineS closed
GulfInvClub 2 years ago archurst pending
InstaBank 2 years ago TJAlex pending
Secure-Inv 2 years ago Jmservicesllc98 pending
BIOFunds 2 years ago Jmservicesllc98 pending
Malaysian INC 2 years ago TJAlex unsolved
InstaBank 2 years ago coolsam98 unsolved
AdClickXpress 2 years ago wbrightfl pending
EuroTradeInvest 2 years ago oresta solved
EuroTradeInvest 2 years ago oresta solved

Current Top Programs

  • Paidverts

    1. Paidverts

    • Monitored: 6 months
    • ROI: 812.64%
    • Last payment: 6 days
    currency currency currency currency currency currency
  • Nano Industry Inv

    2. Nano Industry Inv

    • Monitored: 10 months
    • ROI: 727.06%
    • Last payment: 2 weeks
    currency currency currency currency currency currency currency currency currency
  • UInvest

    3. UInvest

    • Monitored: 5 years
    • ROI: 452.49%
    • Last payment: 9 months
    currency currency currency

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  • It depends entirely on how much you invest (obviously the more you invest, the more you make), and the daily percentage of the program (higher daily percentage = more money daily).

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